NEW: The Suicide Magnet: Inside the Battle to Erect a Safety Barrier on Toronto’s Bloor Viaduct. Published by Dundurn Press.

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NEW: Asking the Best Questions: A comprehensive interviewing book for journalists, podcasters, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and anyone who asks questions under pressure. 

Published by Centennial College Press, 2022.  

A Quest for Excellence, The Crum & Forster Story, 1822-2022 (in production) 

A privately commissioned history of a 200-year-old American company.

Enduring Momentum, a Brief History of Odyssey Group’s First 25 Years of Exceptional Service

A privately commissioned history of a Stamford-based insurance company with offices throughout the world.

No Names on the Door: A Brief History of the First 50 Years of AEA Investors LP

A privately commissioned account of a fascinating NYC-based company that Fortune magazine once called “The Richest Little Club in the World.”

The Measure of Success: Celebrating the 50-Year Mission of MTS to Make the World a Better Place

A privately commissioned history of a Minnesota-based company that is a world leader in test systems and sensors.

Asking Questions: the Art of the Media Interview

Originally published by International Self-Counsel Press, Asking Questions is now available directly from me.

It’s used throughout Canada and parts of the U.S. (also translated into Italian)

“This is the best book I know of an activity that has become central to our culture,” says Robert MacNeil, PBS broadcaster and author.

“This humane, intelligent, insightful book is not only useful, but also a very good, entertaining read,” says Patrick Watson, journalist, former CBC chairman.

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That Men & Women May Work in Safety: One Hundred Years of the Mine Safety Appliances Company (a private commission), history of a fascinating Pittsburgh-based international firm that is a world leader in safety equipment.

The Night Shift: Real Life in the Heart of the ER, by Dr. Brian Goldman

I assisted Dr. Brian Goldman, host of CBC Radio’s White Coat/Black Art, research and write this book on his life as a doctor in the Emergency Room of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He takes an honest and funny look at this highly stressful occupation, which he balances with his successful radio career.

The Bleach Game

This is a history of KIK, a fascinating company that produced private-label bleach in the U.S. and, to a much lesser extent, in Canada. Its two principal owners, David Cynamon and Howard Brodie, took the company from near bankruptcy to becoming worth more than a billion dollars. It’s a rollicking tale full of wild characters and outrageous anecdotes. Published by Echo Memoirs in Vancouver on behalf of the KIK owners.

A Family Remembers

Published by International Self-Counsel Press, it explains how to create a family memoir on video. Although the technology has somewhat changed in recent years the approach is virtually the same.

The Bloodhounds of the Bottom Line

A private commission, this book details 101 cases of fraud, corruption and other examples of white-collar wrongdoing that were investigated by the world’s leading forensic accounting firm. Most cases are disguised because of client confidentiality but some are on the record. The text is accompanied by 101 original and dazzling colour illustrations.

The Canada Games: The First Decade

This is an anecdotal history of the first ten years of the Canada Games, the athletic competitions sponsored by the federal government to promote amateur athletic success in Canada. Many colour photographs enhance the text. Published in English and French and in hard and soft cover by the department of Fitness and Amateur Sports.